Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Invitation is in the Bag

This adorable and clever invitation is as cute as it looks. Made to look like a purse this card is made with a string of pearls (will it looks like pearls), a rhinestone button, and a metallic sheen. The best part is that it fits in a normal sized envelope (no additional postage). These purses can be made in any color with one of four metallic accents. These adorable invitations are only $1 each for 25 or more or $1.25 for orders less than 25.

Sophisticate Mommy

This is a baby shower invitation that is for the sophisticate Mommy. Totally cute and posh Mommy shows off her growing tummy while sill looking stylish. If you know an expecting mom like this than this is the perfect baby shower invitation for her. The metallic crimped paper can be changed to one of four colors and the monk's dress, hat, hand bag, and shoes can all be changed in color as well. The printing on the inside is embossed (3D). These cards are $1 each for 25 or more and $1.25 for any order under 25 cards.

Simple but Adorable Announcement

This announcement can be changed up in a thousand different ways (color, ribbon, edged cutting). The one shown here is hand written and embossed (3D) for a casual look. If you are looking for a formal look it can be printed. If you provide the pictures already printed for me these cute announcements cost only $.75 each or $1 each if you want me to have them professionally printed. Orders smaller than 100 are applicable to a small fee.